Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kelsey's Wedding Cupcakes

This summer our sweet friend from church, Kelsey, got engaged.  She only had a matter of weeks to get things planned and organized before making a move down to Florida, but she knew she wanted me to help with making cupcakes.  200 cupcakes (red velvet, white, and chocolate) to be exact, and to make Grandma happy, a BIG cupcake that could be something to cut.  (Gotta keep that cake cutting tradition, ya know.)  So, this was all before I began working, so I thought, hmmmm.... 200 cupcakes... that is something I've never done before.  I'm pretty sure I could handle that.....
Oh my good golly, that is a.lot.of.cupcakes!
Then add that monster of a cupcake.
That thing made me nervous.
Like a nervous wreck to be exact!
But while I was at work, my mom was over watching the kids and did a little research for me and learned we could make the base out of white almond bark.  Not sure how she did it... but it turned out great.  Then after a disaster of a first attempt using red velvet cake, I made a white cake, kept it in the freezer all day while I was at work, came home, shaved off the top with a serrated knife, popped it out of the mold, and that seemed to be the trick.  I stuck the bottom part in the almond bark mold, trimmed off the top, and then put a layer of buttercream on it before applying the top part of the cupcake.  I think it turned out better than I had pictured... and Kelsey loved it, so that made spending hours in a kitchen that looked like a cupcake exploded everywhere all worth it! 

Congrats Kelsey & Jordan!
May God bless your new life together!