Friday, September 30, 2011

Queen Bee by CJM Apron and YUMMY Recipes!


So, you may notice that I've been a little (ok, a lot) MIA lately from blogging.  This new part-time co-hosting job has really taken a lot of time out of my schedule, even though it's only 4 hours a day.  But, one of the cool perks about being on TV is that I get to do really fun cooking segments, learn new recipes, and wear super cute aprons, like this one from Queen Bee by CJM.  I LOVE this apron!  Not only is it so stinkin' CUTE, it's really practical and functional as the bottom part is made out of a kitchen towel.  One of my FAVORITE college professors from Harding University, Dr. Carroll, is designing and crafting these aprons with her daughter and they have quite the variety over on their etsy site, HERE
Here are some of my favorites!

Cute, huh????  
You need to go LIKE her fan page on facebook HERE and show her some PnP LoVe!
(please & thank you!)

Well, yesterday on the show we had Chip from 5 Flavors on cooking up some marinated flank steak, fall ratatouille vegetables, and their house potatoes.  

You can watch the segment HERE!

But, I just had to share the House Potatoes recipe with you all!  
They were DELICIOUS!  I can totally see why they were his "house" specialty!

5 Flavors Signature Potatoes
-serves 10
10 large Idaho potatoes
1 quart of heavy cream
Salt and pepper
Peel potatoes and using sharp knives carefully slice potatoes and keep them in their original shape.  Place in large casserole dish side by side.  5 potatoes on one side and 5 on the other.  Pour quart of heavy cream over the potatoes and heavily salt and pepper.  Using your hand, gently press and spread the potatoes out evenly. Immediately place in a 325 degree oven for 1 hour or until brown and bubbly on top, may garnish with parmesan if desired.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Step Over Oprah...

Well, I promised a BIG announcement today on the blog....
Drum roll please...
I'm going to be a co-host on the new show starting this Monday from 4:00-5:00 on WCIA!

Here I am with my fellow co-host, Drew.
This guy is a lot of FUN!  Very quirky and I'm so excited to be working with him!

So, a little back information...
Back at the end of July TJ & I were watching tv and a commercial comes on about this new show coming this fall.  They said they were looking for someone with pizazz and energy and immediately I felt like they were talking to me through the tv.  I knew this was MY job for the taking and I had to go for it!  So, with the help of my sweet mama and hubby, we made a little audition video, featuring me with cupcakes (what else?) and we sent it in.  About a week or so later I got an e-mail from one of the producers telling me they'd like to get to know me better and tell me about this new show.  EEeEEeeKKK!  So, in I went.  It was never really called an "interview" but that is exactly what it was.  After hearing about the show and it's concept, they wanted to do some test interviews with me on camera.  Yowzers.  Ok, I can do this... So, we role played a few interviews, bombed the first one and by the third one I was feeling a bit more comfortable.  So, then it was a waiting game.  I finally heard back from them a couple weeks ago wanting to meet with me again, and this time it was to offer me the J-O-B!  Super excited.  Super nervous.  They put me right to work, and let me tell you....! (j/k)  One of our clients, The Studio, was having a grand opening celebration with celebrity hairstylist, Dean Banowetz, and wanted me to come in and get a celebrity makeover.  Shut.the.front.door.
It was AMAZING!  

Meeting Dean.  This guy is awesome!
He does Simon Cowell's hair every 10 days,
was the stylist for American Idol the first 6 seasons, and
Ryan Seacrest's stylist the past 9 years just to name a few of his clients.

 Consultation time...

 Time to color those "more mature" hairs as Dean likes to call them!  LOL!

 Now, any guesses on whether or not I've been able to re-create this look....

After it was all over, we did a little interview with Dean.  I'm telling you, nicest guy ever.
Here's a link to see the interview and a fast forward version of my makeover that The Studio put together.  Check it out HERE.  It's really fun!
So, that was a tough first day on the job, let me tell you!
But, since then it's been rehearsals and making sure I'm comfortable on set and doing interviews, because this show is LIVE, no take twos!  Eeekkk!
We went on the morning show today to promote the show, so in case you missed that, here's the link to go check it out.  Click HERE!
Meet and greet luncheon today, premiere party Wednesday and Thursday and then one last rehearsal Friday and then SHOWTIME!  I hope you'll tune in and support me in this new adventure, it's going to be fun and I promise to keep it real and exciting.  (Now if anyone has a cure for the butterflies, send the antidote my way!)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cupcake Monday - Princess Cupcakes

So, remember awhile ago back on facebook when I said I just got done making some super cute princess cupcake toppers????  Well, here they are.... Cute and sparkly, huh???  I tell you what, having a cricut makes making cute cupcake toppers a breeze!
And I know these white cupcakes are nothing new to the blog, but they are my sister-in-law's favorites, so that's what we went with for my sweet niece's 3rd birthday!  (Stay tuned for party pics, hopefully up this Friday!)
So, I also know that I have been about MIA from the blog for awhile, but it's only because I've been super busy and have a BIG announcement coming tomorrow!!!!!  I've been dying to share it with everyone, but haven't been able to, that is, until TOMORROW!  So, stay tuned!!!!  It's BIG, I promise.
(and NO, not pregnant!)