Monday, September 5, 2011

Cupcake Monday - Princess Cupcakes

So, remember awhile ago back on facebook when I said I just got done making some super cute princess cupcake toppers????  Well, here they are.... Cute and sparkly, huh???  I tell you what, having a cricut makes making cute cupcake toppers a breeze!
And I know these white cupcakes are nothing new to the blog, but they are my sister-in-law's favorites, so that's what we went with for my sweet niece's 3rd birthday!  (Stay tuned for party pics, hopefully up this Friday!)
So, I also know that I have been about MIA from the blog for awhile, but it's only because I've been super busy and have a BIG announcement coming tomorrow!!!!!  I've been dying to share it with everyone, but haven't been able to, that is, until TOMORROW!  So, stay tuned!!!!  It's BIG, I promise.
(and NO, not pregnant!)


Kristin said...

Love using the Cricut. They turned iut really cute!

Elizabeth Ann (Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

oooooo. . . . cannot wait for the big announcement! :-)