Sunday, September 12, 2010

White Cupcakes - #4

For Dacey's Ladybug Party I made Martha's White Cupcakes with my own buttercream frosting. Pretty easy to make, but will not be doubling the recipe again in my Kitchen-Aid mixer. It was FULL. And it was hard getting 10 egg whites to form a stiff peak, even with the help of Brock & Jillian, my little helpers. I thought they were good, not too sweet. TJ thought they were dry, so of course that put me in a panic because I don't want to serve people dry cupcakes, so I resorted to a Betty Crocker white cake mix in a box I had in the pantry. Whipped those up around 11 pm and what do you know... he thought they were dry, too!
So, I guess Betty is just as good as Martha in this case. It's hard judging plain, white cupcakes after having such intricate other cupcakes, but oh well. Next time I'll try the swiss meringue buttercream as it may hold the grass up better.

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Party Box Design said...

the cupcakes are out of control cute!