Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Heart Day Party

The aprons were hung while visions of valentine chocolates danced in their heads...

  How stinkin' cute are these aprons?!  
I found them in the dollar section at Target {LOVE TARGET} and then my sweet, sweet friend, Kathy, sewed all the kiddos names on them for me!  Thank goodness she accepts payments in form of cupcakes!  


 I made the girls gumball necklaces.  They turned out pretty cute!  
I got the idea HERE.

I got the inspiration for adding the sugar cookie to the milk bottle from The Sugar Fairy
Apparently there are cookie cutters out there with the little notches already cut out, but since I was in a pinch for time, I just cut little notches out myself while they were still warm.  I'm on a hunt now for those cookie cutters!!!  :)

 Jillian decorating her sugar cookies.

 I LoVe, LOvE, LOVE her Valentine shirt and hair bow!  
I got it off etsy HERE.

Brock's finished plate of decorated cookies. 
Pretty sure he used a whole thing of red sanding sugar on ONE cookie.

After cookie decorating it was time for ice cream sundaes!   
{What's a little more sugar, right???}

 Time to pass out valentines!!!

As a party wrap up I read Lily's Chocolate Heart by Kevin Henkes.  Such a cute story about Lily the mouse who can't decide what to do with her last chocolate heart.  She tries to think of all the places she could put it, but ends up eating it.  I had little chocolate Reese's hearts {YUM!} for each of the kids and asked them if they'd save theirs or eat it.  And leave it to my son...he announces to everyone that he'd poop on it.  

The party was so much fun and the kids enjoyed having their sweet little friends over and give me any excuse to throw a party and I'm happy!  
So, which holiday is coming up next????


Staci said...

You are so talented! Your cupcakes are always so cute and look so yummy! Can you tell me what flavor cupcakes and icing you made for the Valentine's party? Thanks!

Taylor said...

This is adorable!

Rach said...

St. Patty's Day! Then Easter!

Elizabeth Ann (Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

ok seriously. . . THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE! :-) I am SUPER impressed! :-)

Amy said...

Very cute! Where did you end up getting the milk containers from?

The next holiday is Pi Day (3/14). Then St Patty's Day. If you just want a reason to party go to its where I get ideas for theme days for our homeschool.

jami schmidt said...

can I be invited next year! Adorable!

Heather, TJ, Brock, and Jillian said...

Thanks everyone!!
@Staci - I guess I forgot to post what kind they were because...wait for it... they are from a box. They're Funfetti. My kids just eat the frosting anyways, so I didn't go all gourmet on them this time! LOL! But I did make the buttercream frosting myself!
@Amy - Pi Day...good to know! And I bought Starbucks coffee drinks from Target and just washed the bottles out. Found out the hard way that if you buy the Target brand coffee drinks, their wrappers come right off, unlike the Starbucks ones that you have to scrub the adhesive stuff off.

Staci said...

Oh my kids love Funfetti too! Thanks for sharing. :) I'm trying to decide which of your cupcakes I am going to attempt for my kids' birthday party in a few weeks. :)