Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Cookie Recipe

So, after doing lots of research looking for how to make cute cut-out cookies, I came across the blog, Bake at 350. She makes ADORABLE cookies and has lots of instructions on how to ice and bake cookies. I tried her sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe today, and I must say, they were the easiest cookies ever to cut out and then transfer to the cookie sheet! I learned that first you pipe the icing on, then you have to "flood" it to fill in the rest. So, this was my first attempt at flooding cookies, and it went OK. I don't get quite yet how to get rid of those air bubbles. I'm hoping after they dry for 24 hours they look differently, but my hopes aren't too high! As far as taste goes, they're pretty good. I think I'll stick to my butter cookie recipe though, I like it better, just wish it cut out cookies as well as this recipe did! I must also say, I had some very cute helpers today, too!!!!

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