Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I ♥ PB!!!

I made these peanut butter sandwich cookies for a Super Bowl party this past weekend. All I can say is...SINFUL. So yummy!!! Got lots of compliments! Check out the recipe at (And unfortunatley mine didn't turn out this pretty, that's why I'm using her photo!)


Anonymous said...

Hello Heather! It's Jodi (used to be vermillion) I ran into your mom long ago now and she gave me your blog address and I just had to tell you that your 2 sweet peas are darling, I have a boy & girl too, so fun!
I love your party site, you do such adorable things! I love fun, creative parties. I can't wait to try out these pb cookies, but am definitely waiting for an occasion or i'd eat them all up!

Ok just wanted to say Hi!

Katie said...

Heather next time i am throwing a birthday party or shower or anything i am coming straight to you! Your stuff is sooo cute!!! And those peanut butter cookies are delish!!!