Saturday, May 15, 2010

Graduation Cupcakes

So, I kind of opened my mouth, inserted foot at our last Wednesday evening meal at church. A friend of ours is graduating tomorrow from the U of I with her masters, so I just naturally, being the party lover that I am, ask if they are having a little graduation party. Oh my. Her husband's head about whipped off his neck as he turned to her and says, "Are we having a party? Do you want to have a party?" Oh, no. So, after a little discussion, I offer to make them some cupcakes. She said she liked chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Oh, my. I've never made chocolate frosting.... but never fear.... someone else surely has so there has to be a recipe out there in blog land and sure enough, Jessica over at Party Box Designs had just what I needed! Check out her recipe for chocolate buttercream frosting. Yum. I also whipped up some cute cupcake toppers which say (since it's kind of hard to read) Congrats, Amy!, Hats Off to Amy!, and Congratulations. Thanks to my sweet sister for helping me out with those!! So, let's keep our fingers crossed that my first attempt at baking cupcakes for an occasion other than my own turns out okay. (How about crossing your toes, too, while your at it!)


Party Box Design said...

they looook sooooo pretty!!!!

Amy said...

They were beautiful and delicious and the decorations matched my shoes! Thanks for making these!