Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jillian's hello kitty Party

 Let me start this post by saying...
I pulled this party together in 24 hours.

This is the MOST unprepared I have ever been when planning a party and I have to blame the birthday girl.  She kept going back and forth on what kind of party she wanted, so finally the week before her birthday I asked her one final time... and she said hello kitty, so that is what we did!  She kept going back and forth between hello kitty and Barbie, and then she'd throw in a party at a hotel (what?) and then she'd want a Christmas holiday party... so you can see my frustration.  Typical girl.  
So, with a little help from pinterest and my mama, this is what I pulled together!  I think it turned out pretty cute!

{Cake Table}

 I found the idea for these cute hello kitty lanterns on pinterest here.  She made them using poms, but I thought this would be a little easier, and they were!  Cut out the eyes, ears, and mouth and then used black pipe cleaners for the whiskers.

I really wanted a ruffle cake, but just didn't feel confident enough to make one myself and with not a lot of time on my side... I outsourced!  And I think it turned out GREAT!  Lori with Hawthorn Suites here in Champaign made this cake for me and the super cute cupcakes.  The cake was just as delicious as it was gorgeous.  It had a yummy strawberry-bavarian cream filling on the inside!  You can go LIKE her on facebook here and check out some of her other cake creations!  Be sure to tell her Pirates-n-Princesses sent ya!

How stinkin' cute are these cookies from Fairytale Sweets?
Brittany whipped these up for me and I think she did such an amazing job!  I'm pretty sure Brock ate like 3 or 4 of them.  If you are local and have any cookie needs, you should totally look her up!  And even if you aren't local, you can still ohhh and ahhh over her adorable cookie creations here on facebook.

Now... who's seen these adorable crepe paper ruffled streamers out there in blogland and pinterest?  Cute, huh?  Apparently they are not as quick and easy to whip out as other bloggers make it appear.  Me, having ZERO sewing skills, asked my mom to help me with this project, and thankfully she always does, but apparently these are a little more time consuming than I thought they should be.  I had big plans for them to go over a span of two windows, but after 2 hours and only  10 three feet long streamers and party time quickly approaching, we had to go to plan B and put them over the back door, which luckily turned out just fine!  But if you know the trick to making these little puppies quicker, PLEASE share!

Again, thanks to pinterest, found the idea for the treat bags here.  And since we kept her party just family, I only had to make and fill four of them, not that they were hard, these were super easy.

At the kids table I set out some hello kitty crayons and coloring sheets, that again, thanks to pinterest, I found here.  Then each kiddo got to take a little hello kitty stuffed animal home with them.

And what party wouldn't be complete without a balloon or two?

This party was actually fairly easy to pull together since I think I kept it fairly simple.  I used a lot of stuff that I already had at home, so I didn't need to buy a whole lot of stuff, which is always nice.  It was a nice family gathering and at the end of the day when I tucked my sweet birthday girl in her big girl bed, she told me she loved her party and that she had the best time....which makes it all worth it.


Grandma said...

Glad she liked it. It all turned out very cute. You did a great job as usual.

Linda Hancock said...

Love the party ideas!! Can you refer me to that website you talked about on todays show. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

u did a fabulous job n such short time. very very girly!

Amie said...

Can you refer me to that website you talked about on yesterdays show? The Hello Kitty cookies were cute. Great job in such a small amount of time.

Tara said...

The party was too adorable! I'm glad your big girl liked it. I threw a "big bash" for my little one's 1st birthday and we did a "Hello Kirin" theme. I had her godfather turn her into a little kawaii character. She had a blast (which was my goal), but I was disappointed by all the work I put in only to have a handful show up. I will definitely be doing home gatherings like this until she actually asks for a party.