Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brock's 6th Birthday - LEGO Style

It's still hard for me to believe that I have a 6 year old in Kindergarten.
I think I say something to that effect every year around birthday time...
But it's TRUE.
This year Brock has been all about LEGOS.
So, we of course went with the LEGO theme. 


Balloons courtesy of A Pink Poppy Balloons & Flowers in Urbana.
Lisa is always a pleasure to work with and does a GREAT job!
Be sure to go check her out on Facebook HERE for all your balloon and floral needs!

And how seriously CUTE are these LEGO cookies from The Sweetest Thing?
It doesn't matter what your theme is, Nikki can make cookies that will work perfectly!
And not only are they stinkin' CUTE, they are DE-LISH!  
You really need to check out some of her other art work on facebook HERE because she really is a cookie artist!  You can also visit her blog HERE where I notice she has a special going on for Valentine's Day (or Groundhog's Day!) cookies ordered by January 31st, you'll get 10% off! 
Thanks, Nikki!!!!!!  :)

Super SIMPLE favor bags.  
I used my cricut to cut out circles and then used some of those glue dots that make things look 3-D to stick them on.  Inside the bags I put some LEGO crayons, coloring sheets, a LEGO memory game, and of course a cookie!

As an additional party favor and fun activity to do during the party, I found these Bat-mobiles at Target and the boys got to put them together and then have races on a ramp that TJ built. 

And how GREAT is his shirt?
My sweet friend from church, Kathy, made it for him.
I gave her a TON of notice on what I wanted...
No, not really.
It was another wild hair up my fanny ideas and I'm just LUCKY that she is so flexible and great to work with.... Plus, she loves us.

Hmmmm.... I wonder who won that race?
I love his face.

And then it was time for some bounce house fun.
We had rented a bounce house from a rental company in town, but when we got it inside the building, what do you know?  It was too big and almost went through the ceiling.  A little dramatic, but what party of mine goes perfectly without a hitch or little excitement?
So, back to the rental company it goes, thank goodness they gave me a refund since it isn't exactly their busy season.  But in the mean time, I've got 5 boys running around, wrestling on the floor, with nothing to do since the thrill of racing their cars had worn off.... I call TJ in a sweat.  Off he heads to ToysRUs to purchase a bounce house and saved the day.  Wasn't exactly looking to purchase a bounce house that day, but now we've got one.  It'll come in handy in the spring and maybe if I ever get my basement in order.... Right? 

Happy 6th Birthday, Brockers!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Tree Cupcakes & Reindeer Pops

Where did the month of December go?
I mean really, I think I blinked and the holidays were over.
In keeping with tradition, I brought my kids on the show to help me make some Christmas goodies.
Boy, were they in rare form.  You can just never predict how a 4 & 6 year old are going to act on LIVE tv.  
But it was a lot of fun, and they were of course super cute... not that I'm biased.

Here's the YouTube video of the segment...
(Thanks YouTube for picking the perfect freeze frame shot!)

Here's some more shots from our Christmas shows...
(Just FYI, TJ made sure to get all my best faces! LOL!)

Fun times.
In case you want to book mark these recipes to do with your kids for next Christmas, here ya go!

Reindeer Pops
Get a nutter butter cookie, split cookie, put Popsicle stick in, add extra peanut butter, place cookie on top. Dip in chocolate, set on parchment paper, before chocolate hardens, add white choc chip for eyes with dot of chocolate, m and m for nose, sprinkles and broken pretzel.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes
Make a batch of cupcakes
Place a sugar cone on top of each cupcake and press into the cupcake firmly. Next, ice the entire cone with green frosting. (Tip: Hold the cone steady by placing your index finger on the top of the cone and pressing down.) Then, using a fork, texturize the green frosting until you reach your desired "Christmas tree" finish. We topped off our mini trees with gumdrops and added a little extra frosting around the base to make it look like snow. Decorating the trees is entirely up to you-just have fun and make them your own!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Mint" to Be... Teacher Gift

Someone started Preschool today...
{tear, tear}

I found these free printables on The Celebration Shoppe's Facebook page.
I thought they were too cute, and who doesn't LOVE them some Junior Mints?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Roberts Diamond Jubilee

Last month marked my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary!
(Goodness, that's a LONG time!)
My Aunt Linda and Granny have been busy planning this anniversary celebration in Branson for months, so we had been anticipating getting together with everyone for awhile.
I was put in charge of party details and after watching all the coverage on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrating her 60 year reign, I thought... But, of course!   
The Roberts Diamond Jubilee
celebrating 60 years of wedded bliss.  

It really wasn't hard pulling it altogether.  
I hit up the party store after the 4th of July and found so much cute stuff.

I think this photo that my brother photoshopped for me was my favorite part of the table display!
I "borrowed" the Queen's formal portrait and had my brother, Dustin, implant my grandparent's faces in their place.   He also made me the subway art below, and I think he nailed it.  It's so hard to share your vision with someone over e-mail, but he got it spot on.  Love that brother of mine.

This was my first attempt at freezing cupcakes and it was a success since I made them at home and then took them on the road with me to Branson.
I made my white cupcakes with a caramel buttercream and then a chocolate cupcake with a Reese's peanut butter cup type filling and my favorite go to peanut butter cream cheese frosting.  I found the recipe via Annie's Eats, HERE.  My Uncle Steve said these chocolate cupcakes were the BEST he's ever eaten...  Just sayin', they were YUMMY. 

And what would an Americana celebration be without apple pie?
Thanks, Sams Club!

My super sweet Mom helped me with the red tutu for the cupcake stand.  She loves me.
And I really need to learn how to sew.

And these cookies...AMAZING!
Brittany of Fairytale Sweets made just what I wanted.
Every time I ask her if she can make such and such type cookie, I always think I'm going to stump her, but NOPE.  That girl can make any shape of cookie you could possibly want or need!
And they are soooooo good!  She's the only cookie gal I know who uses actual buttercream on her cookies and they keep so beautifully.
Go LIKE her on Facebook HERE!

And it just would NOT be an official Jubilee without fancy party hats!  
After the photoshopped photo of my grandparents, this was my second favorite part of the party.  When I sent out my mass e-mail to my family telling them the theme of the party and to all bring their best party hats, I worried no one would participate and would think I was nuts-o, but everyone really got into it and it was so much fun!

I wish I would have thought to bring a prize for the BEST hat, because my cousin Kyle and his sweet wife, Anna, would have won hands-down.  She made those!  They were so cool...and soooo tall!

And I had to end this post with my Uncle Steve, remember the guy who said my cupcakes were the best he's ever eaten?  Yea, that's him and my Aunt Marcia holding my sweet nephew, Reid.  Don't worry, him saying my cupcakes were the best is legit, he's really not "special," just super special to us.

Happy Diamond Anniversary, 
Granny & Granddad!
We love you!