Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cookie Exchange 2010

We had two cute party crashers.

Last year, right before Christmas, I got a wild hair up my rear that I needed to host a cookie exchange. So, super fast I threw a party together and me and about a handful of ladies from church got together and swapped some yummy goodies. But, I KNEW I wanted to do it again this year, but with a little more time to prepare. So, after finding some sweet pink and blue ornaments at Hobby Lobby, I had my color scheme. Next up, I needed my invitation. So, my friend, Jess, over at Party Box Design, created me a custom cookie exchange invitation. So stinkin' cute! And the best part about her invites are that you can either go green and e-mail them, or print them off at your local Sam's or Walgreens, and send them off!

For my cookie exchange I went with a Girly Winter Wonderland Theme. I made feather boa Christmas trees using foam cones, my BFF, the hot glue gun, and a few boas. SUPER EASY. Wrap and glue. I found the little gingerbread house at TJMAXX and the ornaments came from Hobby Lobby and Target. After talking to Nancy over at A to Zebra Celebrations, I decided to make my banner using the word, Believe. It was either that or got cookies? I think I made the right choice! Everyone brought such yummy treats to share! We had oreo truffles, fudge, buckeyes, mint chocolate chip cookies, almond sugar cookies, and many more! But, of course, it wouldn't be one of my parties without a cupcake or two. I was really wanting to stick with my light pink and blue color scheme, so I thought I'd be miss fancy pants and make Martha's red velvet cupcakes... but blue. Not one of my better ideas. They weren't the pretty blue I had envisioned in my head. Oh, well.... At least they tasted good. I think everyone had a fun time. I served a few appetizers before we packaged up our goodies and also made some yummy Candy Cane Cocoa, which you can get the recipe HERE, and had a little hot chocolate bar with peppermint sticks, whip cream, and PINK marshmallows. Everything turned out GREAT and everyone got to go home with lots of yummy cookies. I thought I'd be using mine to share, yea, that has yet to happen... and at the rate they're disappearing, I'm not sure I see that happening!


Ann said...

It was fun and you did a wonderful job! Ann

Jen @ Party Dreamz said...

I am loving those feather boa Christmas trees! Absolutely adorable...great job!!