Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brock's Power Ranger 5th Birthday

I can't believe I'm the mother of a 5 year old...
Where have the last 5 years gone???
As I'm sure you can tell, this 5 year old LOVES Power Rangers.  He has pretty much been obsessed with Power Rangers ever since going to a flea market with TJ's mom and finding some Power Ranger action figures.  
And can I just say that it is seriously difficult finding Power Ranger party ideas out there that aren't from way back in the day... 
So, I used one of the pictures from our church fall fest as the party invitation and used to jazz it up.  Then on the back I added...

Go, Go Samurai!
It’s time to morph on over
To Jupiter’s at the Crossing
to help defeat the nasty
Nighlok’s before they eat
all our pizza and steal
everyone’s tokens at
Brock’s 5th Birthday Party!
December 17, 2011
2511  Village Green Pl.,
 Champaign, IL
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Please RSVP regrets to
the Head Power Ranger,
So as you may notice, we had his party someplace other than my home.  You would think having a party at a fun location would mean less work for mom, but ohhhhhh no.  Not this mom.  I still had to go all out with the balloons and party favors and cupcakes. 

I just stuck with vanilla cupcakes and plain buttercream frosting, then I topped them with a black gumball.  I found these really neat plates at Hobby Lobby, meant mainly for decorations, not for food purposes, but I thought they were cute and at 50% off, couldn't really pass them up.  Then I took a jar and threw some red sparkly confetti shreds (is that what you call those things?) in and topped it with the plate and cupcakes.

I thought they turned out cute...

Then I took some red pails and used my cricut and some black vinyl to add each kid's name to them and threw in some candy to represent each of the Power Rangers.  Then I tossed in a little sheet of paper to explain each piece of candy that said...

Power Ranger Goody Bag
Red Ranger, Jayden’s, cherry bubble gum
Blue Ranger, Kevin’s, blue rock candy
Green Ranger, Mike’s, watermelon pop rocks
Gold Ranger, Antonio’s, gold rolos
Pink Ranger, Mia’s, strawberry sour straws
Yellow Ranger, Emily’s, banana now and laters
Go, Go Power Rangers!

I attached red with white polka dots balloons and black balloons from Hobby Lobby to each pail.  I was so excited to find polka dotted balloons at Hobby Lobby since I had won a helium tank from a giveaway I won, so doing the balloons myself was a deal!  

I LOVE this picture of Brock opening up his presents with all his little helpers.  They all just look so genuinely happy.  Isn't that why we go to all this work putting parties together for our kids, to get faces that look like those???  Love.It.

Time to blow out the candles...

Next up... time to use those tokens on some fun games and collect some tickets!

How AMAZING are these cookies?
It's so nice making friends with other party gals in blog-land, I'm lucky enough to be friends with Nikki from The Sweetest Thing.  This summer we did a little bartering of our services, I made her son a birthday banner in exchange for cookies at a later date.  Hello later date... They were gorgeous and delicious!  I guess I didn't get a picture of the yellow ranger cookie, but she does such amazing work!  You should totally check out her work and LIKE her on facebook HERE.   

Then as if pails filled with candy and balloons weren't enough for a party favor, I found this idea for some fun swords on pinterest HERE.  They were pretty easy to put together... well, I guess I shouldn't say that... let's try that again... They were pretty easy for MY HUBBY to put together!  (Gotta love having a crafty hubby!)  The kids LOVED them!  

So, all in all I think Brock had a GREAT time at his party!  It was actually pretty easy throwing together.  But I still can't believe he's 5... say it ain't so.


Elizabeth Ann (Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

Seriously, SO cute! :-) I am super impressed! :-)

Carli said...

Great job! I've got a 3year old that's loving Power Ranger's Samaurai, and I can't find anything! Thanks for sharing!