Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter News Segment

Tonight was my Easter news segment for WCFN.  
Here's a clip of the segment in case you missed it...but now WHY would you do that???  
Click HERE to see me in action! 

I LOVE this table set up! 
Sweet Nancy over at A to Zebra Celebrations was so sweet to lend me her polka dot table runner and ribbon table skirt for this segment.  And as a "thank you" for guest blogging over on her blog, she's letting me keep the table runner.  Sweet!!!  I think it added such a cute and feminine touch to the table, plus it was pink, polka dotted, and ribbons...only three of my FAVORITE things!
You can check out her etsy shop and all her other goodies HERE and her blog HERE.


How stinkin' cute is this little bunny?  I found them at Pier 1, and guess what...
they were on SALE for 20% off.  SCORE.  They came with the little stick and everything, so all I needed to do was stick him in the pot.  EASY!


And I love this precious little bunny.  
If there's anything else you need to know about me besides my obsession with polka dots and ribbon, it is that I LOVE bunnies, baskets, and birdhouses.  So, like I'm going to pass up a PINK BUNNY at Hobby Lobby when it's 50% off.  Ummmmm NO.  
(Have I told you that all the cashiers at Hobby Lobby know me and my kids personally now?  Yea, it's sad.  I'm pretty sure they duke it out over who's going to have to check us out, not that I'm a difficult shopper, but my kids pretty much like to play with EVERYTHING at the check-out...especially those little round tape measure dealy's that you push the button and the tape measure gets sucked back up or because of the time Brock cried for SEVERAL minutes over the fact that I was NOT going to buy him another stuffed animal dog because he already owned the same exact stuffed animal dog.  It was the last one left and he didn't want him to be left alone on the shelf...Such a sweet, gentle heart, but NO, cry all you want, you're NOT getting it...)

Oh, good grief....where was I????? 

The adorable cinnamon flower cookie suckers 
that the super sweet Sara of Dandy Delights sent me.  
YUM-O and too stinkin' cute!
Go LIKE her on Facebook and be amazed at her mad cookie skills!
She just reached 1000 fans so go tell her CONGRATS and that Pirates-n-Princesses sent ya!

These are my little Key Lime Pie cupcakes with Peter Cotton Tail toppers.
I wasn't sure about using them, but last minute I tossed them in the tub of goodies going to the station.  Let's just say that was a SMART move.  I was originally going to go with this idea HERE
of the starburst carrots...  Ummm... super cute, but also a super FAIL.  I had them looking all cute and ready to go.  Put them in the cupcakes in the morning, and when I looked at them later in the day, OMGosh, a huge melty mess.  The twizzler tops had fallen out of a few, they were limp, and super glossy from getting too warm.  So, I tried to fix them while I was still at home and work some magic, but when we got to the station, there was NO way I was putting them on display.  They were a HOT MESS.  But, I think these turned out cute, so I was happy.


Here are the Easter basket cupcakes 
we made together in the segment so go watch for instructions!!!


And here are the little Peeps in bird nests that I shared back on facebook.  I got the idea from The Crafting Chicks so go check them out HERE for a How-To.  You'll also find the free printables I used in that link, too!  They would make cute little gifts for your kids' classmates!

Here are the Key Lime Cupcakes.  I got the recipe HERE.
They were good but I think a little more key lime juice would make them even better.
They just needed a little more punch for me.  

I'm super bummed this photo turned out blurry!  
This is Jennifer, one of the camera operators there at the station.
SWEETEST thing ever.  I'll get a better shot next month!

Seriously, sidenote, how stinkin' cute is that pink scarf???  
L.O.V.E. it.
I found it at Bella in Champaign.

Now that this segment is over... back to the treadmill and diet.  Testing out all these cupcakes has been KILLER on this gal.  Stay tuned for my NEW FAVORITE white cupcake recipe which is what the Easter basket and flower pot cupcakes were  up there!!!


Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line said...

You look so pretty! And your table looks unbelievably delicious!!! I love those cupcakes in the flower pots. Cute, cute cute!

Mom said...

I do love that pink scarf! As usual, you did a great job! The key lime cupcakes were very yummy and moist. Of course, I had to try each one and they were all so good. Your segments kill my diet, also.

Michell Hicks said...

Heather....just a tip from me to you, those look like real clay flower pots...they sell silicone baking "flower pots" for cupcake sized flower pots at Michael's 12.99 and there's usually a 40% off coupon for Michaels in the Sunday paper. I got mine cheap and put them on my grandma's garden birthday cake. you can see it on my facebook page!
~Michelle Hicks

Heather, TJ, Brock, and Jillian said...

Michelle, thanks so, so much for the tip! I'll have to go check those out! :)

Elizabeth Ann (Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

Super cute as always! :-)

The Lances said...

FANTASTIC!!! So cute! I think this might be one of my favorites!